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Staff Picks: Selections from the Private Collection

March 4– July 9, 2022

The Paul Paletti Gallery is staffed by two assistants, a marketing director and a team of dedicated volunteers. Wally Bejgrowicz, Patrick Pfister, Sam Miller, Naomi Stuecker, Kajen Duvall and Robin Roggenkamp have each dedicated time in supporting, promoting and advancing the gallery. They have come together to help the gallery share some of the finest photographs in history and make it a significant Louisville cultural resource. The group varies in age (70s to 20s), occupation (artist to salesman) and taste, and this show reflects that as they each become curators of six distinctly individual “mini-shows”. All of the works chosen come from the collection of Paul Paletti, with some from the archives being shown publicly for the first time. The wide array of photographs includes works by Andre Kertesz, Sebastiao Salgado, Eve Sonneman, Edward Steichen and Willard Van Dyke, as well as works by local photographers including Barney Cowherd, Michael Coers and Michael Morris. We hope this peek inside the
collection will delight the viewer, especially our regulars, by showing them something they haven’t seen before.

“These dedicated people have each generously volunteered their time as gallery staff. Each one has come to possess a unique vision and aesthetic over the years working here, resulting in wonderfully quirky and varied choices reflecting their individual passions and personalities,” says Paul Paletti. “And in addition to making all of our exhibits possible, the greatest gifts have been the friendships that have grown among us all.”