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Paul Paletti Gallery

We exhibit historic and contemporary photographic artworks of museum quality in which the photographer combines a superlative degree of technical virtuosity along with a distinctive vision.

Current Exhibitions

Lawrence Schiller

Over the past 70 years, Lawrence Schiller has photographed many of the most important figures in film, politics, and sports. Beyond that, his documentary research and collaboration with writers, and film and television directors and producers has provided historical depth and context to our understanding of several famous personalities, key events and news stories of our time. This exhibit of Mr. Schiller’s work highlights just one aspect of his rich and varied career, through his images of Marilyn Monroe, other film stars, Muhammad Ali, and Robert F. Kennedy.

August 31 – September 29, 2023

Famous: Lawrence Schiller
From the Heads of the Hollers: Featuring Shelby Lee Adams

From the Heads
of the Hollers

Shelby Lee Adams

Every summer for over 40 years, Shelby Lee Adams travelled to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky to take photographs. Now in his 70’s, he has returned to his archive of unpublished images taken between 1974 and 2010. His aim was to print those which may have been previously overlooked, concerned if he did not print them in his lifetime, the photos would never be made. Nearly 90 of these unpublished works will be included in his new monograph from Gost Books From the Heads of the Hollers and a selection of these will be featured in his Biennial show.

October 5 – December 29, 2023

New Monograph From Gost Books: From the Heads of the Hollers

Our Mission

The mission of the Paul Paletti Gallery is to educate the public about photography as a sophisticated art medium that is varied, beautiful, and highly collectible.

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We are open weekdays from 9am to 5pm and also by appointment.

Every first Friday the gallery, along with 20+ Louisville galleries on Main and Market Streets extend their hours, offer refreshments, and welcome thousands to view the artwork.