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In a New Light: Couplets from the Paul Paletti Collection

July 15 – November 23, 2022

In poetry, a couplet is two lines of verse, usually in the same meter and joined by rhyme, that form a unit. In photography, a couplet is paired images, usually connected by artist or subject. This pairing can either heighten or reinforce tension and meaning by providing an alternate view of the same subject.

For our summer show Paul has combed his collection for couplets paired to help the viewer to see familiar images in a new light. Selected images include work by Brett Weston, Lynn Geesaman, Tom Baril, Edward Steichen and many others.

There can be sequential relationship between the photographs, such as Paul Caponigro’s “White Deer Standing” and his more famous signature work, “White Deer Running” Photographers sometimes pay homage to the work of others, as can be seen in Brett Weston’s famous “Holland Canal” and later photographs by Lynn Geeseman and Michael Kenna. And then there are visual resonances between diverse images , such as Edward Steichen’s “Windfire” and the underwater studies of Howard Schatz. All of these connections and similarities help us understand the visual language of the artworks.

In a New Light opens with a public reception, part of the Republic Bank First Friday Hop, on August 5th from 6-9 pm. Light refreshments will be provided, we hope you will join us.