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Taradiddle Charles Traub

A native Louisvillian best known for his ironic, real-world, witness-color photographs, Traub has dedicated himself to photography and photographic education for half a century. Traub has been a chairperson at the School of Visual Arts in NY for 30 years. He has served on a number of non-profit educational boards and is the president of the Aaron Siskind Foundation. He has had more than 60 major exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the world, including one-person shows at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Speed Art Museum, Hudson River Museum, and Historic New Orleans Collection. Traub’s work is in the permanent collections of more than two dozen major museums worldwide. The author of more than a dozen books, his most recent work, Taradiddle, was published in 2018.

In British slang a tarradiddle is a petty lie or pretentious nonsense but through the lens of Charles Traub it’s a collection of images-often funny, always serendipitous-of odd juxtapositions and photographic wanderings from around the globe. Traub’s work has a wry humor and the Taradiddle photos are often connected by a subtle visual dialogue between paired images, both in his book and in the current exhibit.

This show has been extended through February 2020.