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Steve Sherman: A Landscape Seen

June – August, 2011

Steve Sherman is a self taught photographer whose work is largely influenced by his interest in landscape and the greater surroundings that culminated during his formative years. His work has achieved breathtaking clarity and indescribable depth through his use of ultra large format cameras and superlative mastery of traditional photographic processes. His focus, straight forward yet quiet, has consistently featured the natural landscape, but his oeuvre is far from singular and includes portfolios that highlight the “hand of man” on the industrial and urban landscapes.

Sherman has applied his love of the environment to help refine his photographic vision and technique while traveling to remote and extraordinary places around North America since 1981. Death Valley; Seven Falls, CT; Monument Valley, UT; Shiprock, NM; and Antelope Canyon are mere highlights of Sherman’s expansive photographic journey. According to Sherman, “The mystery, and the unknown which may lie around the next corner continues to fuel a passion that somehow has eclipsed 25 plus years in what seems like the blink of an eye.” Regularly using large format sheet film cameras ranging in size from 5×7 to 7×17, Sherman works exclusively with Black and White materials. He adheres to the charge that “real photographs are born wet,” and does not digitally enhance or produce his original hand-made photographs.

Sherman is a member of the New England Large Format Photography Collective (NELFPC), a group of eleven Large Format photographers from New England who are committed to foster an open forum for education and collaborative presentations with respect to photographic disciplines of the past and the technology of tomorrow. In 2007 the NELFPC spearheaded the first annual “Raid Our Gallery” fundraiser benefit for the Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center in Middlesex, CT. Sherman’s A Landscape Scene will open with a reception on Friday, June 3, 2011.