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Pandemic Purchases

April – June 2021

In 2020 when the country, no, when the whole world closed down, due to the Covid-19 pandemic people had to find ways to keep themselves busy. Some acquired too many houseplants or took up a new craft. Some baked sourdough bread. We all went to a lot of Zoom meetings. 

Paul Paletti, in a move that will surprise no one who knows him, bought photographs. 

“In the down time we all experienced, I spent a lot of time searching out treasures-including old friends and photographers and teachers I haven’t seen for years. Several of the works I acquired are from the early 1970’s, a time when I was earning my photography degrees. It was an especially vibrant period for fine art photography in the colleges in Rhode Island, Chicago, and New Mexico and several images from these programs are included in the show.”

This is an eclectic show featuring nudes, street photography, landscapes and, appropriate for 2020, protest photography-both vintage and current. Featured artists include Henri Cartier-Brisson, William Clift, Michael Clevenger, Edward Weston, Bill Brandt, Bruce Davidson and many others.