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Round House and Moon by: Ron Seymour 2002

Farewell Selections by Mary Burks

February 4 – April 17, 2015

Lull: Farewell Selections by Mary Burks will be on display at the Paul Paletti Gallery from February 4 – April 17, 2015. Lull is a curated show from the private collection of Paul Paletti, including several works that have never been displayed.

Mary Burks is a BFA graduate from the University of Louisville Hite Art Institute where she studied under Mary Carothers and Mitch Eckert. Burks has been the assistant gallery manager since 2013 at the Paul Paletti Gallery and is now leaving to continue her career in the arts. Her final farewell is the show Lull, a curated show of Burks’s favorite pieces from the Paletti collection.

Lull is a place of tranquility through moments of quiet respite captured with a camera. Photographs of moonlit beaches, narrow and empty roads, and wind caught in fields of wheat exemplify photography’s ability to commemorate hushed breaths of day.

“In her years working at the Gallery, Mary’s connoisseurship of photography has grown more sophisticated and more personal,” says Paul Paletti. “Her selections for this exhibit reflect these elements and a tranquil embodiment of her unique voice, vision and feelings. This is a beautiful example of how one individual can gather diverse artworks together which express not only the photographers’ artistry, but the curator’s personality as well.”

The show is made of up of a diverse array of photographs by various artists including Mark Citret, Robert Stivers, Edward Steichen, and Brett Weston. Artists from the Kentuckiana area are also featured, including photographs by Mitch Eckert, Melissa Farlow, Daniel Lin, and Gayle Moore.