"Garrapata Beach" by Brett Weston

“Garrapata Beach” by Brett Weston


Staff Picks: Selections from the Paul Paletti Collection, will be on display at the Paul Paletti Gallery Jan. 3 – March 31, 2014.


Wally Bejgrowicz, Mary Burks, Leslie Holland, Renee Murphy, and Patrick Pfister make up the staff of the Paul Paletti Gallery. They have each dedicated from 2 – 9 years in supporting, promoting and advancing the gallery. The group offers an eclectic appreciation and relationship to the art of photography. They have come together to ensure the gallery represents the finest photographs in history and as a significant cultural resource to Louisville.


Staff Picks gives insight into each staff member’s appreciation and interests in the art of photography, as they become the curators of five distinctly individual ‘mini-shows’. All of these works were selected from the private collection of Paul Paletti, which have not previously been displayed at the Paul Paletti Gallery. The wide array of photographs includes works by Ruth Bernhard, Mark Citret, Susan Fenton, and Brett Weston, as well as works by over two dozen other 19th and 20th century photographers, ranging from the famous to the anonymous.


“My friends, who have each volunteered their time as gallery ‘staff’, have very diverse backgrounds, from photography professionals to people with no art background at all. Yet each one has come to possess a unique vision and aesthetic over the years working here, resulting in wonderfully quirky and varied choices reflecting their individual passions and personalities,” says Paul Paletti.


A special reception with all of the staff members/curators will be held on Friday, January 10th from 5-8pm. This event is free and open to the public.


Photographers included in the Staff Picks Show


Anonymous (several)

Bruce Barnbaum

Curtis Bell

Ruth Bernhard

Peder Sather Brugiere

Esther Bubley

John Burke

Carl Chiarenza

Barbara J. Crawford

Elliot Erwitt

Susan Fenton

R.C. Fuller

Ed Garber

Lynn Geesaman

Ron Haygood

Henry Horenstein

George Hurrell

Ken Josephson

Wayne Rod Lazorik

Ronald McKibben

Bruce Monk

Anne Noggle

Dennis Purdy

C.B. Ryder

Howard Schatz

Ron Seymour

Skeen and Co.

Charles West

Brett Weston

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